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Best Buy List

Parc Botannia Special  Starbuy Discount could subject for price variations with no advance notice.  The reflected unit in this list could be sold and this list is strictly served as a price guide only for Parc Botannia.

* Special Starbuy Discount is applicable to the followings bedroom type and stack.  This discount could be removed anytime without any prior notice.

TypeSize (Sqft)Price ($)Unit
2 Bedroom Premium667$941,000#19-13
2 Bedroom Premium667$957,000#21-14
2 Bedroom Premium667$961,000#14-31
2 Bedroom Premium667$964,000#17-04
2 Bedroom Premium667$973,000#20-05
2 Bedroom + Study775$1,011,000#03-11
2 Bedroom + Study786$1,039,000#06-02
2 Bedroom + Study786$1,064,000#14-28
3 Bedroom861$1,129,000#02-16
3 Bedroom861$1,214,000#20-12
3 Bedroom872$1,225,000#20-16
3 Bedroom Premium980$1,311,000#12-33
3 Bedroom Premium980$1,354,000#12-03
3 Bedroom Premium969$1,389,000#17-24
3 Bedroom Premium969$1,403,000#19-15
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